I'll starting my blog

and this is my first post

Posted by Guilherme Almeida on 2017-11-21

We must learn more everytime…
And we don’t must save only in the our mind. So, share!

Thinking like that I decided create this blog.

My “Hello World” is done!

With this blog, beside share with you IT news and what I’m doing day by day in a IT sector, I want learn more about the Technology and also practice my English. So, because that, the most posts will are in English, but we’ll have in portuguese too.

So, on this first post, I’ll talk about what technologies I’m using here and why.

Hexo + GitHub

I’m using Hexo, a static framework for blogs “fast, simple & powerful” like they say.
I seen this framework and saved their link in my favorites, and thought:

“One day I’ll use that
So, as I decided create own blog, I decide to use.
It’s time!”

Their structure it’s simple and you can starting your blog with few steps.
You must have Node.js and Git in your computer.
So, implementing all right, with GitHub Pages you will have a simple blog with a good performance and fast to post your contents.
For using, I recommend follow their documentation and in few minutes your blog is done! Are in English, but is very easy. If you have difficulties, I can do a new post teaching “How can you do”.


Hexo have many themes. In own Hexo page on Internet you can find severals.

I’m using the theme by Hux re-Ported by BeanTech

My blog are on Github Pages a host directly from my public repository where I saved my files.
I recommend so much this structure, because it’s easy, fast and have a good performance.
Besides that I didn’t need make Php scripts or use other heavy frameworks.
I could, but I didn’t want.
Hexo it’s easy and fast. And I needed to keep attetion in my blog content.

So, that’s it! I hope you liked and continue following me.

See you in my next post!